The use of the term coaching is an instructor or trainer in sports, meaning to bring out the best from the player. Thus a business coach also works on his client being able to perform his very best.

What is coaching?

Coaching is a personalized, custom-made development procedure, a complex methodology, when the coach works with his client individually, as a personal / business / life-coach.We work on the strengthening, utilizing of the clients’ capacities and the elimination of difficulties during the coaching process. As everyone is different, there are situations which are easily solved by some and there are situations, which are more difficult to be worked out. As a coach I support my client to make strengths conscious and to build awareness in the areas where outside help, development might be needed, or there is a room for improvement.

As coach I am not a consultant as I do not provide ready to use solutions to the dilemmas of my clients. Coaching is not a therapy either: instead of the past we focus on the future. I support my client’s abilities to set clear goals, concentrate on these, and find the most secure, productive way to reach them. In business life coaching helps personal – and therefore business – performance, and has good effect on relations within and outside of organizations.

When to consider coaching?

It is wise to think of employing coaching in any situation, when the individual is before or in a change. It can also be a possible way out if a task or the solution of a situation takes more time or causes more stress than expected. Such typical situations are: promotion, the need for some management skills, the demand for a new skill, the loneliness of the manager, and preparation for future management roles. It is also useful during cultural change (expat managers in Hungary or Hungarian managers abroad), re-integration after maternity leave, during business or organizational changes, and in burn-out or in the introduction / integration period.

How does it go?

The coaching process consists of coaching sessions. One session is approx.. 90 minutes long; the whole process usually includes 6-8 sessions. We meet weekly or fortnightly, but at least once a month, preferably at a neutral place. The series of the sessions most often do not exceed the period of four months. Our sessions are characterized by thinking along, working as partners.