"Csaba's patience, encouregement, understanding, focus on important things, on positive issues trained me how to improve myself."

Zita Takács - Legal Manager, Veolia Hungary

"Professional, no too pushy, caring, supporting"

Tamás Zachar Illés - Leasing Manager, Ceetrus / Immochan 

"I have worked with Csaba on several occasions during the last 2 years on issues and challenges arising in my job as laboratory team leader. I find his approach to be very intelligent, skilled and analytical. When I work with him on a subject I sense his strong empathy and ability to understand the situation at hand. The combination of his great coaching skill and his vast technical toolbox for career and personal development has helped me succeed in my role as leader and with his coaching I have always been able to find a solution for any professional challenge I have met.
I can recommend Csaba for anyone who wants to excel in his or her job and who is willing to put in an effort and work to improve. In my experience with Csaba then you will even surpass your own wildest expectations."

Thomas Nisgaard Brink - Laboratory team Leader, Pfizer Denmark

"I decided to investigate on some coaching sessions as I felt I was stuck on what should be my next career move. I was introduced to Casba and from the beginning I found the coaching sessions with him to be enlightening and thought provoking. At no time did he offer me advice but instead helped me capture my thoughts and frame these in a way that allowed me to think more clearly of what options I had and how to realize them. The 5 coaching sessions I had with Csaba enabled me to identify my strengths and the opportunities I had before me. The questions he posed were direct and provided me with a opportunity to explore more of what direction I should be thinking of taking. His professionalism and interest were of extreme value. Talking about ones own professional development with stranger is so much easier than with a colleague or friend. As a coach Csaba has no avid interest other than to help you frame your thoughts in a way that is constructive and precise."

Neil Whettam – Regional Advsior for an international NGO covering Central and South East Europe

"While we got to know the training delivery details, I assumed that Csaba was very attentive listener of the client's needs. He respected their requests and also, he was very careful to fulfill them. On the other hand he was able to detect the participants' expectations and to harmonize the course elements with the group dynamics. He made the session as much effective and smooth as possible. Working with him was like to play a kind of tennis game in which the aim is not letting the ball to fall. The tennis court represented the training material. We had our own turn to hold our part of the session but we also completed each others' activity as a matter of course. He was flexible but strict, punctual and trustful. I could always count on him. He challenged, encouraged the participants in several ways. The participants admired him for his authenticity, creativity, spontaneity, humor and charm."

Petra Malatinszky - Trainer, Training Specialist, IBM Hungary

"I first started working with Csaba, when I became the Branch Manager of CPL Jobs Hungary. During our collaboration I have been well convinced that he is passionate to help you to achieve your aims. I would highly recommend him if you are ready to change for the better. I am sure, that with his intelligent, challenging, innovative style everything is possible! Thank you for doing what you do!"

Emese Nagy - Branch Manager, CPL Jobs Hungary

"I've worked together with Csaba Csetneki on two occasions and have benefitted greatly from his experience and knowledge on business development from a coaching approach.
Whilst working together Csaba made the QA on the business case and career plans with main focus on the service portfolio. Later we again worked on a project in maintaining business growth using partners.
I find that Csaba presents an intelligent approach to any strategic subject that brings down thoughts to written and documented plans that are easy to follow, correct and measure for success. I can highly recommend Csaba Csetneki as a coach for anyone who is interested in growing their potential with success."

Nete Jörgensen - Project Manager, HDS

"I highly recommended Csaba as a team building coach. Our project-oriented work is often stressful, with high pressure from multiple stakeholders, but Csaba throve in this environment. He was able to handle us in the most demanding situations extremely well.  If Csaba's coaching service in our firm is a good indication of his future performance, he would be an extremely valuable asset to any company. If I can provide you with any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me."

Serge De Block - Managing Director, TechTree Solutions